Browsing tags on PR this week I came across Kristin Foster’s post on the value of the blog. It hits on some really key pointers: not just the benefits to the author but what the blog can bring to a community. Worth a read.

Elsewhere seemingly the hot topic of the week has been using Twitter for PR. Now I have to confess until reading through all the dialogue this week I hadn’t yet got to the point where I saw any potential value for Twitter beyond low-scale friend to friend messaging – essentially a shift from something like IM (which incidentally has now been intrroduced on Facebook this week – will be interesting to see what take-up is like) to something to several users at once and not necessarily instant…? Is that an accurate summary? 

Not so say’s Jeremy of PR for Pirates, amongst a number of others (sorry I read but failed to save links) who has 10 top tips for using Twitter for PR. I found these all really valuable, and suddenly the whole Twittering thing has started to make a lot more sense. He makes some very sensible suggestions (business account: not personal, but a ‘person’ not a ‘corporation’) and, most interestingly in my point of view, points out that this is about following and listening as much as sharing – so this may be a golden opportunity to follow where the journalists you want to pick up your stories are heading and what they’re working on. So much potential therefore for a much more up to date and accurate ‘forward features’ essentially. Neat.

As with all the blogging, networking etc etc, the Twittering is all about keeping things nicely hooked up – so the linkability, ensuring wider serendipity, is what this is also about – read the post for the detailed advice on this.

So with that in mind I am off to check out who of my contacts are a-Twittering, and will report back on how I get on…

LATE ADDITION: just noticed there’s an update to the Pirate post here