I am in the middle of pitching three stories right now and stuck waiting for information on two of those. This always happens when you try and take a holiday…you can guarantee I’ll need to keep checking in on them tomorrow to meet deadlines. Luckily the weather is due to be rubbish. Also typical that this happens when I’m taking time off. Great.

Whinging aside, I just quickly wanted to make a note to follow up on this: Rob Ashwell has written a piece on the ongoing twitter/PR blacklisting that has been kicking off, but he also points to theFoot’s great channel, which is really quite something.

Essentially this is a suite of individually pitched stories: targeted, each with an individual message to the company it’s being pitched at. Not expensive, not flashy – just plain old simple talking mixed up with some natty clips of the hook (incidentally quite amusing clips on e-commerce). The videos keep freezing on my laptop so I haven’t watched them properly, but will definitely be going back to them, and looking for examples of more of this kind of thing.

Just goes to show that PR should always be about the message: not the fancy packaging. There’s too much discussion around producing high quality clips and not enough on just getting the content on film. I really need to get myself some kit and start playing around with this. It’s rapidly moving up my to-do.