Interesting that the highlights from Carol Lewis’ Meet the Editor Session are mirrored in the PRWeek 2008 Media Survey.

They highlight the integration of journalists working on print and online. They also highlight the move towards constant activity and increased workload due to blogging becoming core to their daily lives. It’s not surprising really: just for the same reason PRs are advocating increased use of blogs to maintain two-way relationships with stakeholders, journalists now have a better chance than ever to find out what their readers think and interact with them as soon as their stories are published. They’re also contributing with their comments and additional content.

Some of the other interesting highlights: company websites rated highest on journalists’ ways of finding out more about a business, so it’s about time these were prioritized if you want people to know what you’re up to. Email (unsurprisingly) is medium of choice for contact.

I downloaded this a while ago (it’s been a busy few months) but the details of the survey are dated March 31 2008 if you want to look it up.