I write this with great difficulty – not because the subject is hard, but rather because the instrument I am using was clearly not designed with a woman in mind.

The iPhone may be my boyfriend’s new favourite toy(so much so that it is now an unwelcome guest in our bedroom each night) but it certainly isn’t high on my list of must-haves.

What clever Apple emloyee decided it was a good idea to put in a tiny touch sensitive key pad? I can guarantee you that they were male. How do I know this? Because they certainly didn’t factor in for nails!!

On such a tiny device, sentences which should take only seconds to form take agonizingly long minutes. And I am constantly overshooting the letter I want. And I have normal-sized fingers-not exceptionally large!!

Ok so I am sure the apple lovers out there will claim how clever the phone is that it recognizes what word you’re writing and auto corrects… And how you can get faster and more accurate with practice…

But seriously- I am exhausted! My arm hurts! I do not have the iPhone love!

Let the backlash commence. I am off to enjoy the pleasures of a more traditional keyboard. And the joys of typing with more than one finger at a time…