This is slightly off-topic for this blog, but I just got married. It’s been all-consuming for the past eight months, and then now it’s all over. I haven’t got that completely crushing feeling of loss just yet – I suppose that will come as soon as I get back to work on Monday. In the meantime I’m still just basking in all the amazing memories from the past week.

Apart from the obvious similarities of putting on a wedding and a large-scale corporate event – bookings; suppliers; muchos coordination etc etc – I feel like there are other things I must have learned along the way that I can take back to work with me.

Having said that though, planning a wedding was a hugely personal and emotional investment that I don’t think I could ever give to a single corporate event. While I’m sure I’ve shed tears over work many times, not quite with the same intensity as I did over my own wedding!

I wonder whether wedding planners get to the point where they have no emotional response to the events they help to create. Or whether they get the same rush every time. I was talking to our waitress at our honeymoon hotel who had previously worked for an events company planning weddings. She said it was a hugely-responsible job – arranging the most important day of someone’s life was an exteremely stressful occupation. But while that may certainly be true, I wonder what it must be like to work with people who are so very very happy. I’d love to know.