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Alison Flood writing in the Guardian this week shares the advocacy campaign of Burlington county librarian Andy Woodworth, who set up Facebook group ‘People for a library-themed Ben & Jerry’s flavor!‘: the aim? Get Ben and Jerry’s to introdce a library themed icecream!


Why? Well as Andy puts it, libraries are awesome and B&J’s is tasty: where could this ever go wrong?!

What makes this a really neat little PR campaign is firstly the completely random marriage of libraries and icecream, coupled with the witty names of flavours suggested. My favourite has to be sh-sh-sh-sherbet!

Working for an academic publisher we always have a number of activities underway targeting the library market. But too often academic PR can be stuffy and unimaginative. Librarians are – as Andy has said – awesome. Why can’t we be more fun in our campaigns, try out new and creative ideas, and most of all treat these people as ‘awesome’ individuals who clearly have a sense of humour!

Ok, so this was a public library campaign, so maybe I’m being unfair and perhaps there are some amazing advocacy campaigns out there that I just haven’t seen before, but this is the first one that I have seen in this market doing something very creative and getting amazing profile as a result. Major kudos.