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Boris is at it. So is Amanda Wilkie, a participant in the recent charity ‘moonwalk’, and so are countless others including charities, sporting organizations and government.

Nothing cynical, underhand or even remotely relating to expenses scandals¬†here. What are they all doing then you ask? The answer is ‘phlogging’. The aptly named concept of sending a blog entry live from your telephone.

The clever idea has been coined and developed by ipadio, a subsidiary of communications company Nemisys.

So simple to use, you sign up with your name, email address and up to two telephone numbers, and are presented with a dial in number and pin code. Then you’re all set to do your first phlog!

So what is different about this to other blogging/video/audio online? For one thing it’s instant. As soon as you dial in, you are broadcasting live over the internet. (Good thing or bad I haven’t decided yet). For another, you don’t need to buy anything. No new equipment, no geographical restrictions, no need to have wifi available where you are, or any cables to move something from your phone to your computer. You dial in from a landline or mobile and you’re set.

I think this is amazing, and you can listen to my first attempt right here

Likely uses? SO many. This thing is so simple that there’s no training required. It’s also so friendly that even people who have no idea how to handle anything web-related should be able to manage it. And the fact that you can do it anywhere in the world is really cool.

Have a look at Boris in action.

Downsides? I am sure there are many. Firstly cost. I have so far only tried a really short entry and I’m nervously awaiting the phone bill. As you’re calling an 0845 number, chances are that there will be a cost of around 50p per minute in the UK on most networks. So if you were interested in using this for recording something longer –¬†an interview for example – the costs may mount up pretty quickly, particularly when compared to recording something for free onto your laptop using something like audacity.

Having said all of that, I think this is really neat and I’m going to play around with it some more. I’m hoping others will too!